Check for Bed Bugs and Get Pest Control

Bed bugs: the name alone makes people shudder, and with good reason. These small, brown, oval-shaped insects feast solely on the blood of humans and animals for survival, and they move quickly over any surface, including floors, ceilings and walls. They can hide anywhere, inside tiny crevices throughout the home, and come out to eat while you’re busy trying to get a good night’s rest.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, or just want to stay vigilant, follow the tips below to check for their presence in your home. And remember to call a reputable company that specializes in pest control if you find any traces of bed bugs!

Learn the ways of the bed bug

To find a bed bug, it helps to think like one. That means knowing where they like to hide, and how they get in. Many people commonly find that they go on a trip and bring these bugs home with them in their luggage. Bed bugs can comfortably nest in clothing, and then hop out and dive into furniture, including chairs, couches and beds. Bed bugs are capable of flattening their bodies so that they are as slender as of one of your credit cards!

Although they do not nest, bed bugs do tend to live in groups initially, and some of the first places you might check for them are in box springs, bed frames, mattresses and headboards, because these spots allow them easy access to their meal—you.

Check for bites

Bed bugs become active at night, and bite people while they’re asleep. Their long beak is able to pierce the skin and suck blood out, which at first is painless, but later creates an itchy welt. You can differentiate from flea bites because fleas usually bite around the ankles, whereas bed bugs tend to bite exposed skin. Flea bites have a red center spot, while bed bug bites do not.

Check for stains and spots in your bed

Check your mattresses and sheets for bloodstains, and see if you can find any dark spots (often rust colored) or fecal matter. Also look for eggshells or skins, and take note of any odor that smells musty, as this is the effect of the bed bug’s scent glands. Don’t forget to look in the box springs and the seams of your wood framing.

Examine other household items

Bed bugs can hide anywhere, so unfortunately, you must also include other household items in the search, such as telephones, books, electrical outlets and carpets.

Call for help

If you find traces of bed bugs, do the smart thing and call for pest control right away. A knowledgeable pest control company will be able to confirm your suspicions and treat the bed bug infestation immediately to prevent any further repopulation and bites. Bug Doctor Pest Control has been helping area residents deal with a variety of bugs and pests, including bed bugs, for over a decade. Give us a call today for the help you need!