Detect Bed Bugs With Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs trained to detect bed bug dogs perform a scent detection inspection much faster than a human without damage to furnishings and without disruptions. During the bed bug K9 scent detection inspection, the dog “alerts” on a particular area indicating a possible bed bug. We will then verify the presence of eggs or live bed bugs.

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Bed bug dogs go through extensive training to learn how to detect bed bugs. Bed bugs give off a scent that, given a large enough infestation, even humans can detect. The great thing about dogs, however, is that they have noses that are so sensitive they can detect bed bugs at all life stages with much fewer insects present.

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Recently, several facilities have been training dogs to sniff out live bed bugs in … All of these aspects camouflage the insect from being detected visually, which …

Mar 10, 2019 … Many pest control companies use bedbug-sniffing dogs but do these "canine detection systems"work?

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note: bed bug Central has worked very closely with J&K Canine Academy in the development of bed bug sniffing dogs. Pepe Peruyero, President of J&K …

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If no bed bugs were found in the traps, visual … accurate the dogs were, both in terms of finding …

Learn about the unique abilities of bed bug dogs. These canines can sniff out bed bugs in your home, while Terminix® technicians can take care of the rest.

The dogs can alert to bed bugs behind a heavy entertainment center without anyone having to move it, and can detect bed bugs or their eggs in a pile of clothing or a toy box full of stuffed animals. Dog going under a bed during an inspection

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Bed Bug Dogs Dogs have widely been used for their keen sense of smell to detect a variety of substances from drugs to mold. Specific species of canines can contain over three hundred million receptors in their noses compared to about thirty million for humans.

Bug Bites:  Scabies, Lice & BedbugsAug 28, 2014  · Training dogs to detect bed bugs has become a popular method for natural pest detection. Dogs can smell out bed bugs in locations humans would never even think to look, let alone locate them. Bed bugs can hide in some tight crevices, like the outlet switch, a pair of stuffed animals, in the carpet, or between the bedsprings.

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