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Did you know that fleas can remain frozen for a year and survive? Find fun facts about fleas and other flea information for kids in our student pest guide.

However, despite being quite troublesome for pet owners and their furry friends, fleas are actually interesting creatures. So read on to learn more about them.

Jul 24, 2017 … Fleas are well known as voracious feeders. They're small, fast, and cause irritation to pets and people alike. In addition to physical discomfort, …

Fleas, Ticks, Pet Pests, Dogs, Cats, National pest management association, Npma Aug 21, 2013 … flea. maryland residents and their pets are battling a different kind … The flea is an insect that feeds on the blood of its host—domestic … Eggs that are laid on dogs or cats are easily dispersed throughout the home as the pet … according to the national pest management Association

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Put the bite on fleas, before they bite. Beyond the itching and scratching, fleas can carry all sorts of diseases. Vectra 3D® kills and repels adult fleas, and also controls flea eggs, larvae and pupae that are about to become adults. Dog lovers who treat their dogs like family don’t take chances with fleas.

May 10, 2019 … 5 Facts to Know for Fighting Fleas. Head of cat flea. Ctenocephalides felis. 10x objective, transmitted brightfield illumination. Getty – E+/Nancy …

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The most common flea is the cat flea. Learn more about fleas, such as life cycle, habitat, behavior, why fleas bite, and how to protect your pets and home.

Dec 7, 2011 … Here, what you need to know to protect—and treat—your pet. … Always make sure to read labels carefully and heed all directions and warnings …

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