In addition to our general pest prevention, extermination and control services, Bug Doctor Pest Control is proud to go the extra mile for our valued customers by providing several additional residential and commercial services.

Here are some extra services you can on our team of experienced and friendly pest control experts to provide when you need pest control in Whidbey Island, WA:

  • Commercial pest control: When pests invade your place of business, it can be nearly impossible to get any work done. When you hire Bug Doctor Pest Control, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure that you can get back to your business in a safe, comfortable environment as soon as possible.
  • Termite inspections: If you fear your property may be infested with termites, give us a call right away, and we’ll have a personable and capable professional out to your home or business in no time.
  • Home pest inspections: Sometimes you can tell there’s some sort of pest problem in your home, but you can’t quite tell what it is. Bug Doctor Pest Control will be able to identify, isolate and efficiently solve the problem for a reasonable price.
  • Mole treatments: If you have a mole problem on your property, or fear you might develop one, there’s only one pest control service area equipped to handle this unique issue: Bug Doctor Pest Control.
  • Grain pest extermination: When you have a grain pest problem, it isn’t just an annoyance—it’s a threat to your property. We take grain pests very seriously, and are proud to offer very effective prevention and extermination services.
  • Crane fly treatments: Crane flies are a particularly prevalent problem in the Pacific Northwest. Now you can let a local expert take care of the issue for you.

If you have any questions about any of our services, please get in touch by calling us.