Pest Control for Your Garden: Tips from an Exterminator

It’s that time of year when backyard gardens are flourishing. Is your garden bearing fruits and vegetables, or is it overrun with pests? When insects and rodents start to take over your garden, it can ruin your harvest and your hard work. If the problem is small, you may be able to take care of it on your own. Otherwise, an exterminator can help you get rid of these pests in your garden for good.

Getting rid of insects

One way to ensure your garden isn’t overtaken by insects that eat the leaves of your plants and destroy your crops is to vary your plantings. It may be tempting to grow all the same type of plants in a row. Instead, mix it up by putting differing plants next to each and making sure they aren’t all edible. The mixture of scents will throw insects off and have them leaving your garden alone.

Be sure to create an inviting environment in your garden for the good types of insects that eat the ones that you are trying to eliminate. This includes planting flat top flowers that these insects can land on, such as sweet alyssum, all sorts of mints and chamomile.

Marigolds are another plant that will help get rid of insects. Plant these as a cover crop one year, and then turn them over into the soil the next. This pungent flower, when mixed with your soil, will help eliminate nematodes—those worms that eat your plants from the root. If these suggestions fail, consider calling an exterminator to look at your garden and spray for the insects that keep eating your plants.

Preventing and eliminating rodents

Rodents also pose a problem to backyard gardens, as they are attracted to leafy plants, often eating them and digging holes throughout your garden. If you constantly have rabbits that are sneaking their way into your garden, you can try to build a fence to stop them from gaining access. Rabbits are notorious for eating leafy greens, but they can also be trapped and moved to a new location.

Squirrels can be another problem in a garden. They dig up plants and create havoc. Spraying a little capsaicin around your plants can help stop them from going near your garden. Capsaicin is the ingredient that is found in peppers and is something that squirrels certainly don’t like.

If you have moles that are digging tunnels in your garden, you can encourage them to relocate to another area by placing a mesh fence around your garden. This should deter them. If they continue to access your garden, call an exterminator.

You may be able to stop insects and rodents from ruining your garden with these ideas. If you have a problem getting these pests to leave your garden alone, consider calling for an exterminator. A great exterminator to try is Bug Doctor Pest Control. We can get rid of these pests and keep your gardens thriving.