Professional vs. DIY Pest Control: How to Choose

Pest infestation can be an annoying problem that you want to get rid of as soon as you can. Knowing when you can remove these pests on your own and when the situation is right to call for professional pest control can help you decide on the best way to handle the problem. A small issue and some preventative measures may be able to be tackled on your own, while a bigger pest problem may require a professional to eliminate.

When to try DIY

You should go ahead and try pest control on your own if you have just a small problem that off-the-shelf insecticides will be able to remedy. This would be ideal for some ants or other types of small insects that are entering your home. You may be able to kill them and deter them from getting in with some sprays or foams. Be sure to check the chemicals you are using to make sure they are safe for your family and pets.

It’s also a good idea to do some pest prevention on your own. This is often relatively simple and can keep bugs and rodents from entering your home in the first place. Since pests are typically attracted to food, you should be sure to keep your kitchen and other areas in your home clean from food droppings. This will stop the attraction and help to keep them out. This includes keeping a tight lid on garbage cans and removing garbage from your home on a regular basis.

Another simple do-it-yourself tip that you can attempt on your own is to keep your home in good repair. This means making sure your windows and doors are sealed properly so a rodent or insect would have no way to enter your home. Also be sure to keep the exterior of your home in good shape, as holes and rotting wood are breeding grounds for pests and can turn into a bigger problem as time goes on.

Time to call the pros

If your pest infestation is a larger problem, you will most likely want to call for professional pest control. A professional service will be able to identify the type of pest in your home and let you know how big of a problem you really have.

Rodents and insects can create severe damage, which is an immediate reason to call for professional pest control. You need to have a professional eliminate the risk and remove the pest from your home to avoid even more damage occurring. A pest control service is trained in removing a variety of pest types and has professional equipment to ensure they don’t come back.

When you have tried to get rid of the pests yourself to no avail, it is time to consider hiring a professional to get the work done. For professional pest control, contact Bug Doctor Pest Control. We offer a variety of extermination services for any type of insect infestation you might have.