What Attracts Rodents to Your Home?

No one ever wants to find a rat in their home. These nasty little rodents will literally worm their way into any place and eat practically anything. But rats are surprisingly smart as they manage to inevitably find their way to food or shelter through open crawlspaces and gaps underneath doors, in addition to unscreened roof vents and windows.

Unfortunately, certain things could make your home more appealing to a family of rodents. You could unintentionally be creating the perfect place for rats to make a nest! A clean home doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t need help with rodent control. Here are a few of the most common things that could be attracting rodents to your home.

Unattended foods

The top priority for a rat is to find food, so any food left out is practically a welcome mat for these rodents. They’ll eat anything, no matter how dirty, old or cold it may be. If you see any signs of rats, take proper steps to ensure that you’re not providing them with a free meal. Regularly clean any areas where food is prepared, cooked or eaten. Wipe crumbs off of tables and vacuum away any scraps that may have gotten trapped in corners or under the fridge. Remember to store any trash or pet food in a secure container. While it may not seem like much to you, it could potentially be a feast for a family of rodents!

Keep it clean

Along the same lines, keeping your home clean is a simple way to reduce your chances of having to call for rodent control. Wash dishes daily to reduce the opportunity for rats to feast on your leftovers. Wipe down counters after cooking to clean off any lingering food morsels. Try to keep items off of the floors, and in cabinets and drawers instead. This eliminates an abundance of potential rodent hiding spots. The cleaner the house is, the slimmer the chance rodents have of surviving in your home.

Maintain your yard

Rats and mice love a yard filled with tall grass or weeds. It’s the perfect place to build a nest, as it provides protection from many of nature’s predators, in addition to a warm place for babies. Reduce their opportunity to settle in by keeping your lawn well-cut and maintained. Harvest any fruit trees or vegetable gardens quickly to avoid providing rodents with a free meal. Trim down any unkempt bushes to eliminate another hiding spot. In addition, you might want to trim any trees that are relatively close to your attic, as they are essentially a bridge for rodents to enter your home practically unnoticed.

Contact the professional rodent control specialists at Bug Doctor Pest Control the second you notice any sign of a rodent infestation. Our experienced team has the tools and skills to eliminate unwanted rodents and keep them from destroying your home and the surrounding property. We pride ourselves on getting the job done quickly, and at a reasonable rate. Call us today to schedule a consultation!